14 Sep




….what ?

Look, if any of you DID actually open my blog or just found it by now, well, hear this out, i’ll stop doing this for now, get it ? STOP DOING BLOG STUFFS…. for now. See that above ? I say “Go on and have fun”. Yeah right, i haven’t got any ‘fun’ since last time i posted something. Why ? too many mental difficulties…dammit…

Huff~ Anyways, i’m not gonna be here for a while… at least until things got better, only then maybe i’ll continue postings. If not, then ‘NOT’ it is…

See ya…


Long time no post !!

18 Aug

OOOOHAAAAA-LUCKYYYY !!! (Lucky Star addict mode ON)

Sorry for not posting here so often !! Anyways today Makoto’s gonna explain to all readers why Makoto can’t post anything up here but that BRS review since the last time I went here !!

Heeeeere GOOOEEEEESS ^^ :

Makoto is beeeeeeeing……..emo. You heard me, I’m being emo for quiet a while now (at least that’s what someone said to me). Too much pressure, scratch that, the pressure’s ain’t much but kinda… heavy. Sure, school and extra courses are tiring but ain’t that tiring if you compare it with mental pressures. And no, i’m not talking about heartbreak stuff or anything, who would wanna stuck in that feeling for a long time anyway, besides to tell you the truth heartbreaks… don’t give a sh*t…. sure i’m gonna be gloomy for one or two days, but not this long. Just some family stuff (again) which i’m not sure to tell you the details of it, just wanna let you all know that it’s what keeping me gloomy these days and made me kinda lazy to post something, heh even lazy to do anything…

Oh, and i’m in the middle of a conflict with a really close friend of mine, Yutaka. Nah, not about the betrayal thing but… well, it bothers me alright, and it’s not the problem i can tell everyone about, only i can fix this…

Somehow, being gloomy and stressful changed some part of me, well yeah to be honest, lately i focus on Metal musics just to help me calm myself down… Because those like “Motteke! Sailor Fuku” by Aya Hirano or “Ready Go!” by May’n, doesn’t really suits my mood at the moment, i prefer something like “God Hates Us” by Avenged Sevenfold or “Sassafras” by The Devil Wears Prada.

Just… I’d like to be alone, for sometime…

FUWAAAAAAA !!!! Neee, this doesn’t mean Makoto will leave the blog just like this !! Heehee ^^ Anyways, i’m trying to study hard too at school, which sometimes made me sleepy when i got home (uhmmm…. is it really tired, or i’m being lazy ??)

Well that’s it for todaaaaaay ! See ya next time !! BYE BYEEEEEE !!!!!! *waves hard*

Black Rock Shooter OVA

11 Aug

With the portable USB Modem HSDPA, at last i finished downloading the Black Rock Shooter OVA !! YEAH !

There i was sitting and thinking should i download this with only such internet speed ? YEAH I SHOULD, I LOVE THIS, I DON’T GIVE A SH*T ABOUT REACHING THE QUOTA LIMIT !! *evil laughs*

So, the 4 hours downloading came to a finish and i was able to watch the Black Rock Shooter OVA, here’s the review :

The story revolves around Mato Kuroi, a naive, energetic, and athletic school girl who just entered her first day at school. On the way to school she saw this girl from a car, and that girl is Takanashi Yomi which soon became best friends for the first year of the school. Both are very close, even Mato gave a Keitai to Yomi at her favorite scenery spot. As the first year passed, both Mato and Yomi graduated to the 2nd grade and sadly they got separated since they belong in a different class. Their friendship began to loosen up because of that, plus Mato got herself a new friend which is her basketball club manager Yuu, sometimes it is seen that Yomi’s kinda jealous that the two were able to talk a lot, and Yomi often spaced out because of that…

Then bad news came, Yomi went missing, her family had searched her, detectives interrogates Mato for being her best friend, but Mato don’t know a thing and only tells that she’s acting strange. Soon Mato receive a message from Yomi without any text or subject on it, surprised, Mato soon went to her favorite spot and found the Keitai she gave Yomi, at that time she meets… Black Rock Shooter.

This is Mato Kuroi, without her pigtails that is…

This is when Mato and Yomi are in the classroom.

Black Rock Shooter

Again, Black Rock Shooter…

BRS vs Dead Master

This is Mato’s favorite spot, and also the place where she gave Yomi a Keitai.

Overall, the drawings are amazing, and the battles are awesome, recommended for those likes to watch action while having a little essence of school life ^^

Life’s Unfair………. is it ?

7 Aug

It’s been a while since i haven’t posted anything here… Huff~ Well gonna post at least twice a week ! I’m not gonna disappoint my readers though..

So here’s what happened, this last weeks i only managed to get home around 8pm, there’s not enough time for me to relax a bit, since my bedtime is at 10pm which sometimes i ignore and ended up walking like an undead the next day… School starts at 7am and it ends at 3.30pm, then i got extra course every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the extra course started at 5pm, ends at 6.30pm. What do i do before extra course ? Waiting…. just, waiting….

My school is pretty far from my home, so it took a lot of time for me to get home, i got up everyday at 5am, dang i wish i have Doraemon’s Door. So yeah, gotta tell what happened these days ;

It’s been an uneasy days recently, with more people acting strange, different from what they used to be. Got pretty tired, i went home and spill out all my stress thoughts with Setsuna (My LP Spec-II), volume high and plays whatever on my MP3 player. After that i got tired, and decided to stop, but was pretty bored of not doing anything so i started studying Biology which is only reading (Mathematics does counting so i don’t do much Math at home). What pissed me off is my neighbor who plays Piano in the night (at the time is around 9pm), even i can hear it with my speakers high volume, got pretty angry, i picked Setsuna again and start playing with high volume. After that i became tired and fell of to sleep with Setsuna still strapped to me.

The next night i chat with Yutaka over the MSN, i really enjoy chatting with Yutaka, even when our iNet connection is not going well which sometimes made some of our messages went missing, but luckily that night, there are no disconnection between us. We talked a lot, mostly we talked about humanities and stuffs…

Yutaka said Yutaka don’t like some people because they only think of themselves, they’re too selfish and most people that Yutaka knew have done bad things to Yutaka, poor Yutaka. I intended to cheer Yutaka up but ended up debating of how unfair this life is… I mean, for those share an uneasy experience and haven’t got the good side of it, it’s really unfair, all we can do is just sit, let our hatred swallowed by our hearts. What would we do ?………….no, What CAN we do ?

Yesterday was a rainy day, a perfect day to just sit and rest your thoughts, but not perfect for me, Mustang and Aqua who got extra course, got no umbrella, and got no transportation to go there. So we just sit in a nearby building where we wait for the rain to stop, not to mention that we were already 30mins late. We talked about stuffs, while listening to DEPAPEPE’s Gymnopedie No. 1, we talked about why would this world is unfair, the fact that friends don’t last forever, the fact that there are some of those got bullied which made them grow hatred to mankind, the fact that why can’t we just have our problems solved without anyone bugging to it…

Somehow, it’s relaxing, and it’s sad that we cannot came up with any answer to it, the best answer for now is ; “live, and be grateful of what you have right now”. The rain stopped… we only got 20mins left to study at the extra course, so there we are those who are late that day, but when we came in, the students there ain’t much… maybe it’s because of raining…

Still, what bugs me is… Why is life unfair ? Why does some people can eat fancy foods while some can’t even eat at least once a day ? Why murder ? etc… Why is there Harmony and Discord at the same time ? Unfair for those who only got the Chaos while not getting some of the Harmony… Sure, without Chaos, Order cannot exist (so does Mandy says (The Grim Adv. of Billy and Mandy). But…. Why can’t we all just live in Harmony ? Why suffer when you gain nothing from it ? Why do we all being placed in this Earth ?? Oh right, because Adam and Eve ate that fruit which made the God puts them to Earth…. where Discord exist…

The more i think of it, the more i grew curiosity… Better stop thinking, and live my life with all i got…

Less Often

2 Aug

You guys probably wondering why i rarely post more threads to my blog, well as you can see i got pretty busier these days with the private lesson going on… PLUS, i have limited time for using the Internet, which sometimes i only use for going online at MSN asking my friends if we got homeworks or not, i sometimes forget homeworks….

Huff~ being a 12th grader’s kinda suck, you gotta prepare yourself for the tests to enter college, huff~….. i wish i’m at college soon, some say college is a bit less stressful rather than schools, but some say college are more difficult than school, don’t know which to believe… guess i’ll see it for myself soon, IF i managed to get to college.

Anyways, a lot happened recently… That’s a lot of homework, then Jinkaisho’s group leader, Adachi and G-clef went to a military camp for 3 days (it’s part of the school program), and uh…. many more.

Which reminds me, about Jinkaisho…*clears throat*… we need to get rid of the emblem we just created, our Sensei told us that the emblem’s meaning can be some thing else, which is ; the “Jin” which consist of 4, as you can see from the previous thread about our emblem, the emblem is made out of 4 “Jin”, Sensei told us that we need to replace it with something new because the “Jin” ‘s are 4 while 4 in Japanese means “Yon” or “Shi”, and if you think about it the word “Shi” can be refer to “Death”. So does Sensei said…. In order to make people not misunderstood our emblem for having the meaning “Death” in it, we need to replace the emblem… So about the first emblem….. forget it. Gotta make another one.

Kurogama said “Why can’t you just remove or add another “Jin” to it ?”, then we thought about it, and haven’t made any changes, because it’ll look weird if it consist of 5 “Jin”, it somehow made the emblem look complicated, if it is 3, somehow you get the feeling like something is missing….

Like i said, looks like we need to come up with a new one… huff~

What happened today ?

29 Jul

First i would like to apologize not posting anything from yesterday, i should’ve at least posted something here, the thing is, i have a homework yesterday so yeah…. work stuffs comes first.

Besides i’ll be in trouble if i don’t do anything, the homework is for groups, and i’m with Shiki, Aria, Dive, Kurogama, Mustang, and my Ex… Anyways, i don’t wanna disappoint them or anything, plus i can imagine what Shiki would do to me if i don’t do my part….. quite….scary….

So yesterday ain’t much happened… So i gotta tell you what happened today, i uhmmm….

Straight to the point ; i got crashed by a car while i was on a bike…. No, i’m not dead yet, i survived with just some scratches on my knee, although by the time i fell, i still can run and mock the car driver hardly telling him to stop, but then seconds goes by, i feel weird, what is this feeling ?…… oh, its pain, so i searched my body then i found out that my right knee is already bleeding…. nice.

Anyways the knee don’t bother (much) with my activities at school, oh and sorry i become rarely post anything here, i always got home late this days to study, huff~ 12th year, its the busiest year of high school….. i wonder what does it feel like in college ?

Rocks !

26 Jul

First i gotta tell you what happened yesterday ! Man it’s really awesome, i went to this place where i saw Mustang and his guys go on a stage and does a performance of his band, i don’t know what his band and the others were saying (because they all scream, some of them shrieks) but they are all splendid…. Oh i’m talking about Metal and Hard Rock here… and maybe some Punk too…

So yeah, there i was, watching all those Metal, Hard Rock, and Punk Rock bands playing their songs one by one… Even better with a lot of people jumping around, and even lifting each others like in a big concert would do.

Anyways, when i got home, i listened to my musics on my MP3 player…. but i feel kinda awkward…. I’m in the mood for something noisy or twisted, why aren’t my songs not that noisy, even though i have some of those screaming songs, i still feel…. different… So i decided to not follow my mood, and listens to Hatsune Miku’s Packaged (i know, it’s far far away from Metal and friends if you know that song).

That’s it for yesterday….

About today, school’s fine, i was able to see my friends again at school. I met everyone, including Adachi, even thought we acted like we don’t know each other……….. that’s fine, if she prefers that way, then so be it. Today’s the first day my private class session started, so it’s like there’s another place that we need to go to study, of course it’ll make us better at school stuffs… It’s the first day, so it’s only me and Mustang in the class whose from the same school, shortly Shiki and Dive will join us too, and so is Itsuki but in the different class.

Then time goes by… we went home. Not much huh…?

Sorry, i didn’t post anything yesterday, too tired from Mustang’s performance… See ya !